Flowers in Linton Quad

St Peter's People

Thomas Adcock
Prof Thomas Adcock

Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science

Associate Professor in Engineering Science, Fellow for IT & Website

Kawsar Ali
Dr Kawsar Ali

Stipendiary Lecturer in Engineering

Sophie Allen
Dr Sophie Allen

Non‐Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy

David Alonso
Dr David Alonso

Carrie Perrodo Fellow and Tutor in Physics

Massimo Antonini
Dr Massimo Antonini

Official Fellow and Tutor in Economics

Tutor for Welfare

Eleanor Baker
Eleanor Baker

Non-Stipendiary Lecturer in English (Medieval Literature)

Stephen Baxter
Prof Stephen Baxter

Clarendon Professor of Medieval History

Barron Fellow in Medieval History

Fellow Archivist, Vice-Master

Quintin Beer
Mr Quintin Beer

Director of Music

Amy Bogaard
Prof Amy Bogaard FBA

Stipendiary Lecturer in Archaeology

Professor of Neolithic and Bronze Age Archaeology

Director of Studies in Archaeology and Anthropology

Mike Bonsall
Prof Michael Bonsall

Fellow and Tutor in Biological Sciences

Professor of Mathematical Biology

Philip Booth
Prof Phil Booth

Research Fellow in Theology and Religion, and History

A.G. Leventis Associate Professor of Eastern Christianity

Dominic Burbidge
Dr Dominic Burbidge

Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics