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As a visiting student at St Peter's College in one of our many available undergraduate courses, you will enjoy full access to all that Oxford University has to offer to students of your subject.

Visiting students at St Peter's College usually study alongside students on one of the Oxford University undergraduate courses listed here. Some visiting students combine multiple subject interests during their time at Oxford (Philosophy and Mathematics, for example). If you do not see your subject listed below or have questions about combining multiple subjects, contact the Tutor for Visiting Students, Dr Timothy Clack.

Visiting students are not matriculated students of the University of Oxford and do not take University of Oxford examinations or receive degrees or credits from the University of Oxford.

three people sitting in an office for a meeting

My tutors inspire me to engage with my learning on a deeper level and they motivate me to share and strengthen my own ideas on the subject. On the social side, my peers are welcoming and intelligent. We empower each other to be better versions of ourselves.

Julie Ma (Visiting Student in Politics and Economics)

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