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Decanal Team

The Dean

The Dean oversees the work of the Decanal Team, which has responsibility for non-academic disciplinary matters.

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Dr Tim Mawson

Office: Canal House Basement, Room 4
Telephone: 01865 278949

The Decanal Team has responsibility for students (Junior and Middle Common Rooms) and works in parallel with, but separately from, the Health, Wellbeing and Welfare Team, overseen by the Dean for Welfare. The Decanal Team ensures the enforcement of the Student Regulations.

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The Junior Deans

The College has two Junior Deans. The Junior Deans are directly responsible for day-to-day issues relating to student regulations.

If a student is concerned about a possible violation of regulations, it is usually most appropriate to contact a Junior Dean in the first instance. A Junior Dean is always on duty in the evenings during term time and may be contacted through the Porters' Lodge. For less urgent matters, an email may be sent to

The Junior Deans are responsible for events occurring on College premises and give (or withhold) approval for private social functions, act to ensure good order at those events, and can use their discretion in resolving common infringements of the regulations (such as inappropriate use of facilities or loud music). The Junior Deans have the authority to recommend to the Dean the levying of fines on Junior Members for infringements of the Student Regulations.

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Wojciech Lason

Wojciech Lason

  • Junior Dean
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