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How to Apply

You can apply for an undergraduate course at Oxford between 1 September and 16 October 2023 for entry in 2024 (or deferred entry in 2025). Applicants must submit a completed UCAS form before 18:00 (UK time) on 16 October 2023.

The admissions process at St Peter’s follows a process common to all colleges. Tutors in each subject make purely academic judgements using subject-specific selection criteria and based on the university wide common framework for admissions decisions.

Tutors at St Peter’s encourage applications from all over the world and from any suitably qualified applicants. We only admit those academically able applicants with the most potential to excel. A great deal of effort therefore goes into assessing candidates’ achievement and potential fairly in the light of individual circumstances and taking all aspects of their applications into account.

Many candidates and students have interests and abilities outside their academic studies. Nonetheless still being able to deliver outstanding academic results whilst enjoying those is critical to achieving their academic potential at Oxford. Extracurricular activities unrelated to your subject do not therefore form part of our selection criteria or selection process.

Applicants should ensure that they leave their school or college plenty of time to complete the reference section before the deadline. We will only accept late applications if there are exceptional circumstances. Please note that it is now too late to make an application to Oxford for courses starting in 2023.

Admissions to St Peter's are managed by the college's Academic Office, which is home to a dedicated team that looks after the whole admissions process at the college, from when you send in your UCAS form all the way through to when those of you who are successful arrive at St Peter's to start your course.

Information for Applicants

Click to expand the sections below. If you have any questions about applying to St Peter's, or about the College itself, please get in touch with us at admissions@spc.ox.ac.uk.

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What's it really like at St Peter's College?


What's it like at St Peter's?

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