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St Peter's College 2029

2029 will be both 100 years since our founding and 50 years since the first female students were admitted to the College.

As we look towards our centenary and this significant anniversary, we will be shaping our College plans to ensure that:

  • we continue to find, attract and admit students of greatest potential from all backgrounds, specifically including those from underrepresented groups;
  • we protect and support a teaching and learning environment that is attentive, challenging, and stretching, for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and a wider college experience that can help prepare them for life, work and positive citizenship beyond;
  • we support and celebrate high quality research across subject areas from St Peter’s academics at all stages of their career – from doctoral researchers to senior professors;
  • we consolidate and build on a positive, welcoming, supportive, vibrant college culture based on shared principles of equality, diversity, inclusion and respect;
  • our former students, from all round the world, continue to feel part of the ongoing life and work of the College, warmly welcomed at college events and supportive of our mission with current students;
  • we care well for our beautiful estate, stewarding it carefully and improving it sensitively for the benefit of future generations, and managing our material resources in necessarily sustainable ways. As part of this project we will build additional accommodation to cater for the pressing housing needs of our current and future students;
  • we care appropriately for our academic and staff colleagues as a responsible employer, aware of the very significant resource that our people represent;
  • we contribute positively to our civic environment, being a responsible neighbour and positive collaborator on good local initiatives;
  • we build and organise our finances to ensure we are robustly future-proofed, well-placed to fulfil our own core objectives as a place of both academic excellence and warm community.

Professor Judith Buchanan
Master of the College

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