Visiting Students - Fees

Visiting Students - Fees

Visiting Students pay a University fee which varies by subject, and a college fee.

For the 2018/2019, the college fee will be set at £15,000 for the academic year.

For the subjects that St Peter’s will be offering for 2018/2019, the University Fee is as follows:

£8115 for the following subjects:

Anthropology, Archaeology, Geography, English, History, Mathematics (£8640), Modern Languages, Philosophy, Politics, Statistics (£8640) and Theology

£9310 for the following subjects: 

Economics and Management Studies 

£11,945 for the following subjects: 

Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Physics and Medicine/Neuroscience

These fees apply to all students irrespective of domiciled (i.e. all Home/EU and Overseas accepted candidates will be charged the fees listed above).

Meals are charged on a "Pay as you go" basis. Students should budget for between £1500 and £1800 for the year, depending on the number of meals taken in College.

Please note that extra costs will be incurred through purchase of books, personal expenditure and travel expenses – you should probably budget at least an extra £3,000 for spending in this way.