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Earth Sciences (Geology)

Oxford's Earth Sciences course can be taken over three years (BA in Geology) or four (MEarthSci). The combination of lectures, practical classes, tutorials and field trips, provides an unrivalled education in the Earth Sciences.

Earth Sciences is the study of the planet we live upon. The rapidly-advancing nature of the subject and its broad and interdisciplinary nature is reflected in the course at Oxford and St Peter’s, which provides sound and broadly-based scientific training.

We combine physics, chemistry and biology with geology, geography and palaeontology to answer fundamental questions about the origin, development, and future of the Earth.

You will be trained in the skills required for the interpretation of rock materials, geological phenomena and study of the Earth’s surface (the oceans, biosphere, and atmosphere), while also applying theory and techniques from other disciplines to the study of the Earth and the environment. The fourth year includes independent research work possibly in a research laboratory.

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The course at St Peter's

St Peter's normally admits three students each year to read Earth Sciences. As well as lectures and tutorials, some teaching takes place in the University's laboratories.

Earth Sciences students are eligible to apply for the Durham Award and other travel funding.

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