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Professor Joe Cartwright

A man standing on a coastal path

Professor Joe Cartwright

  • Senior Research Fellow
  • Professor of Earth Sciences

Joe has been a Professor of Earth Sciences since 2012, and a Senior Research Fellow of St Peter’s since 2013. Joe was formerly a Research Professor in Geophysics at Cardiff University, where his main role was to undertake fundamental research into the evolution of sedimentary basins. Previously, he was a senior lecturer at Imperial College London. He teaches 1st and 2nd year undergraduate courses in structural geology and runs field trips for undergraduates to Pembrokeshire and Devon.

Joe’s research interests encompass the study of a diverse range of processes involved in shaping the Earth’s crust and include: the propagation of faults, the formation of the South Atlantic Ocean, and diagenesis, fluid flow and soft sediment deformation in sedimentary basins. As a proud Welshman, his external interests unsurprisingly centre on choral singing, but he also paints, walks the hills of his homeland and plays village cricket.