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Professor Geoff Nicholls

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Professor Geoff Nicholls

  • Fellow and Tutor in Statistics
  • Associate Professor in Statistics

Prof Nicholls teaches probability, statistics and applied mathematics. He is interested in developing new methodology and algorithms for statistical inference. He provides mathematical support for scientific research in a wide range of fields.

Since 2015, he has developed new methodology in Statistical Machine Learning and Computational Statistics. His recent research is motivated by ongoing collaboration with researchers in archaeology, business inventory management, environmetrics, finance, genetics, history and philology, and by questions arising from satellite imaging data, geothermal reservoir imaging, ecology, social network analysis and historical linguistics.

Selected publications

H. Xing , G. K. Nicholls , J. E. Lee , “Distortion estimates for approximate Bayesian inference”, in Proceedings, Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI, to appear), 2020.

C. Carmona , G. K. Nicholls , “Semi-Modular inference”, in Proceedings, Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS, to appear), 2020.

M. Moores , G. K. Nicholls , A. Pettitt , K. Mengersen , “Scalable Bayesian inference for the inverse temperature of a hidden Potts model”, Bayesian Analysis, vol. 15, 1–27, 2020