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Professor Daron Burrows

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Professor Daron Burrows

  • Fellow and Tutor in Medieval French
  • Professor of Medieval French

I am the College’s Fellow in French and also Professor of Medieval French in the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages. I began teaching at St Peter’s in 2013, but my association with the College is much longer, for it was here, some twenty years earlier, that I had had my very first tutorial in medieval French – the first step on the long path which has led me back here.


My undergraduate teaching to St Peter’s students involves first-year literature and unseen translation, and I also offer tutorials to students from all colleges for the medieval French period (VI) and prescribed texts (IX) papers.


My research centres on Old French literature and language, with specialisms including comic and satirical texts, hagiography, Apocalypse materials, codicology, and text editing. I also have a particular interest in Anglo-Norman literature and language, and serve as the Hon. Secretary of the Anglo-Norman Text Society. For further details of my activities, please visit my Faculty staff page.