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Dr Dorota Leczykiewicz

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Dr Dorota Leczykiewicz

  • Fellow and Tutor in Law
  • Associate Professor of Law

I joined St Peter’s as a Fellow in Law in 2015 and am also an Associate Professor in the Oxford Faculty of Law. Prior to my arrival, I was a Junior Research Fellow and then a Fellow by Special Election at Trinity College, Oxford, and a lecturer at Lady Margaret Hall. I have a doctorate (DPhil) in Law from the University of Oxford, and Master’s degrees from the Universities of Oxford and Wroclaw.

I am interested in how law develops through adjudication and how particular values are promoted in arguably quite formal legal argumentation. I explore these questions both with students and in my research in the context of private law and European Union law.


At St Peter’s I teach tutorials in Roman law, Tort law and European Union law. I also teach individual subjects to students of Merton, Brasenose and Trinity College, whose tutors teach our students in exchange. In the Faculty of Law, I lecture on European Union law and participate in the teaching at postgraduate level of Private Law and Fundamental Rights and Constitutional Principles of the EU. I very much enjoy interactions with students in a tutorial setting.


My research is spread across a number of fields – private law, European Union law, legal theory. What links it together is my continuous interest in concepts, principles and distinctions that shape its content and structure, and help develop our understanding of legal regulation and its fairness. My publications mainly concern various aspects of EU law, with a particular focus on rules regulating private law relationships, fundamental rights, and the effectiveness of EU law in national courts.

I have co-edited two books, one on the involvement of EU law in private law relationships, and the other on the images of the consumer in EU law. I am currently completing a book on judicial reasoning in Tort law and have been working, as a Marie Curie Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, on a project on distributive justice claims in European private law.