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Dr Sevasti Zervou

Sevasti Zervou

Dr Sevasti Zervou

  • Stipendiary Lecturer in Cellular Biochemistry
  • Director of Studies for MSc Precision Cancer Medicine, Department of Oncology

I am a biomedical scientist with several years in academic research and a plethora of peer reviewed publications. My career in Oxford started in 2009, as a Senior Research Fellow in cardiovascular medicine, followed by a recent role in Education at the Department of Oncology (2024-).

After completing my PhD at the University of Warwick (2001), I worked in the fields of molecular endocrinology (G-protein coupled receptors), diabetes (pancreatic islet apoptosis) and cardiovascular complications of diabetes (aorta), while tutoring molecular biology classes in the early days of Warwick Medical School. From 2009 to 2024 I was part of a multidisciplinary team at Oxford, funded by the British Heart Foundation, to work on cardiac energy utilisation with the aim to understand and treat cardiac dysfunction and heart failure. I have expertise using tools such as molecular cloning, transcriptomics and proteomics, enzymatic and cell-based assays towards high throughput drug screening.


My positive experience and enthusiasm as a graduate lab supervisor, encouraged me to pursue teaching at undergraduate level and I am delighted to organise and run tutorials for Year 1-3 of MBiochem Cellular and Molecular, at St Peter’s College (Biochemistry (Molecular and Cellular) | University of Oxford). I teach Cellular Biochemistry such as cell structure, organisation and membrane trafficking, metabolism, data analysis and interpretation, critical reading. Tutorials are an opportunity to consolidate knowledge from lectures and to expand on ideas, or answer questions. 

Other University and College activities

Postgraduate teaching - I lead a module on Genetics for MSc Precision Cancer Medicine at the Department of Oncology.

I am a Mentor to junior colleagues and a Graduate Student Supervisor in addition to being a postgraduate assessor.

Over the last few years I also enjoy outreach activities and provide guest lectures for Sixth form pupils in addition to Atoms and Molecules sessions during St Peter's College's Aspire Liverpool Residential Week. In the past, I delivered Study Skill sessions for Science and Maths Freshers at St Peter's.