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Dr Waldemar Schlackow

Waldemar Schlackow

Dr Waldemar Schlackow

  • Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics

I am a pure mathematics lecturer at St. Peter's college as well as the Head of IT at the Mathematical Institute. I obtained my DPhil in Analytic Number Theory here at Oxford in 2010.

At St. Peter's college I have taught first and second year students, in most pure mathematics subjects such as Algebra, Topology, Number Theory, Group Theory, Graph Theory and Galois Theory. At the maths department I have also taught Analytic and Algebraic Number Theory and Modular Forms for third and fourth year students.

My research interests lie in Analytic Number Theory, in particular Diophantine Equations and the theory of Zeta and L-functions over different fields and the Generalised Riemann Hypothesis.

As the Head of IT in the Maths Department, I am responsible for all aspects of IT provision in the Department.

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