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Theology and Religion

The study of Theology and Religion develops skills in many different areas of humanities, including philosophy, history, language, and literary and textual criticism. The Oxford course attracts students from a great variety of intellectual and religious or non-religious backgrounds.

Students may choose to focus on the origins and development of Christian theology, or on the study of other major world religions such as Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. They may also study topics such as the nature of religion, and the anthropology, psychology, or sociology of religion.

Theology may either be studied as a single subject, or combined with Philosophy or Oriental Studies. For further details see the Theology Faculty page.

The course at St Peter's

The college usually admits around four students to study Theology and Religion, either as a single subject or as part of the joint school of Philosophy and Theology, or Theology and Oriental Studies.

St Peter’s does not accept students for the BTh degree or Certificate in Theology.