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Mathematics and Philosophy

Philosophy and Mathematics is an ideal subject for those who love maths but not quite enough to do nothing else for the next three or four years. Or for those who love philosophy, but who crave a little bit of certainty every now and then.

Combining philosophy with mathematics offers a degree with flexibility and depth, and plenty of important connections between the two subjects, which makes studying them together make a lot of sense.

You will investigate some of the overlap, such as logic and questions about the nature of numbers and mathematics. Then, depending on the philosophy you enjoy, you can choose to concentrate on the more formal side of philosophy, such as metaphysics or the philosophy of language, or examine the philosophical systems of great thinkers of the past.

But what will you do afterwards? Careers chosen by former students include software engineering, teaching, artificial intelligence research, charity co-ordinating, the civil service, social policy research, management consultancy, working for the Bank of England, computer games design, financial consultancy, and more. Some people even went on to become philosophers or mathematicians.

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The course at St Peter's

Philosophy and Mathematics is available as a three-year BA, or with an optional fourth year, when you can concentrate on one subject or the other if you choose, to gain an MMathPhil degree.

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