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The Oxford Geography course is distinctive in its emphasis on the relationship between human society and the environment, while still allowing students to specialise, according to their interests, in either physical or human areas of the subject.

Course options range from biogeography, climate change or landscapes to social, economic or political geography. There are also opportunities for regional specialization, with courses on Africa, China, Europe or India.

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The course at St Peter's

The college expects to admit around four students each year to study Geography. St Peter's has a Geography Society (The Emery Society) named after the first tutorial fellow in Geography at St Peter's, which organises academic talks, occasional fieldtrips and social activities. St Peter's contributes to the cost of compulsory University field trips, as well as to a college-based reading party organized for second and third year students.

Geography students are also eligible to apply for the Durham Award, given each year to a student undertaking study abroad during the long vacation in a field related to their degree course. The geographical community at St Peter's includes the Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography, named after Sir Halford John Mackinder, who introduced the teaching of geography to Oxford University.

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