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Medical training at Oxford is open to school leavers who take a six year course (UCAS A100 BMBCh) or to science graduates who follow a four year accelerated course (UCAS A101 BMBCh4).

The practice of Medicine offers a breadth of experiences impossible to find in any other subject. Every day brings different patients with different needs. It’s a great choice for scientists who strive to understand and apply research findings to improve the lives of the patients in their care. It offers a meaningful career that is prestigious, secure and well paid. However, practising Medicine can be arduous, stressful, frustrating and bureaucratic and is not suited to everyone. You need to be sure that Medicine is the right choice for you.

Students on the six year course take the first five terms to gain their pre-clinical qualification. The next four terms are spent working towards an honours degree in Medical Sciences.

It is anticipated that most of those who join St Peter’s as undergraduates will remain in the College for their clinical years.

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The course at St Peter's

At St Peter’s, we have a lively community of undergraduate and graduate medical students, including those undertaking their clinical training in Oxford. The College’s Tutorial Fellow in Medicine is Dr Huw Dorkins, a medical geneticist who also sees patients in an NHS setting. We encourage students within and across year groups to support each other’s learning, believing that every student has something to offer.

Medical students at St Peter's receive much of their tutorial teaching from Fellows and Lecturers of the College. Also, long-term arrangements with established tutors at other colleges brings the considerable benefit that St Peter's students receive specialist teaching across a wide range of subjects.

In the clinical phase of the medical course, we offer clinical teaching. The College’s tutor in Clinical Medicine is Dr Susanne Hodgson. She provides teaching and pastoral support for all St Peter’s clinical medical students. St Peter's provides an equipment grant for clinical students, and there are graduate travel bursaries available to help with the cost of overseas elective periods.

The College has a particularly strong track record in teaching for the graduate entry medical course. As one of the founding colleges for this course, and as a result of continuity of staff in post, St Peter’s has the greatest cumulative experience of any Oxford college in providing for graduate-entry medicine.

The medical section of the College Library holds multiple copies of many of the standard texts for the various phases of the medical course (pre-clinical, science degree and clinical). The section is actively curated, and we work hard to meet the needs of students.

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