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Chemistry at Oxford is a four year course leading to the degree of MChem. The course provides a high level education in the subject with sufficient flexibility to enable students to both specialise and explore overlapping scientific disciplines.

In the first year, in addition to studies in Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, aspects of Physics, Biology and Mathematics of relevance to Chemistry are also covered. Second and third years focus more intensely on each of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry, but also give the opportunity to explore other Supplementary Subjects, including Quantum Chemistry, Chemical Pharmacology, and History and Philosophy of Science, among others. Teaching is by way of a combination of lectures, tutorials, classes and laboratory sessions.

Fourth year students undertake a research project and write a thesis. Potential research topics are not limited to pure Chemistry, but may include investigations in other scientific fields.

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The course at St Peter's

St Peter's normally admits six students each year to read Chemistry, and has specialist and experienced tutors for each strand of Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

During the fourth year, chemistry students become members of the Middle Common Room.

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