Painted ceiling of a religious building

Theology and Oriental Studies

This course combines the historical, textual, literary-critical and sociological concerns of theology and the study of religion with advanced training in a language to study Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or Judaism through its primary canonical texts.

With this combination, students are able to study religion as a historical phenomenon as well as focus on the scriptures of a particular religious tradition.

This degree offers the opportunity to study the major world religions and their primary languages. Students can also explore the relationship between religions and science, and the place of religious ethics in public life. Religion and Oriental Studies provides an understanding of the intellectual underpinning of religious traditions, and of the social and cultural contexts for religious belief and practice.

The Theology and Religion and Oriental Studies Faculties have between them more than 270 members, ranging from experts in the ancient languages and literature of the world’s religions to church historians and systematic theologians. Their reputations, together with excellent library facilities, attract scholars from all over the world.