A statistical pattern

Mathematics and Statistics

Statistics, machine learning and probability play an increasing role in science and industry with new opportunities for rigorous evidence-based decision making and wealth creation. The field is flourishing as new links between AI, machine learning and statistics are uncovered in university and industry-based research carried out around the world.

This course allows students to combine the strengths of the Oxford Mathematics degree with the opportunity to pursue statistics, machine learning and probability in good mathematical depth. It can be taken as a three year course leading to a “Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Mathematics and Statistics” degree or as a four year course leading to “Master of Mathematics (MMath) in Mathematics and Statistics” degree. The fourth year includes supervised project work leading to a dissertation in statistics. The option to continue to the fourth year can be decided as late as the end of the third year.

The first four terms of the course are identical with the Mathematics course, but thereafter students have the opportunity to specialise. There is considerable flexibility between this course and Mathematics, with the ability to change in either direction until well into the second year. For further details see www.maths.ox.ac.uk and www.stats.ox.ac.uk

The course at St Peter's

First and second year students are taught in small group tutorials alongside the mathematicians in the college. Third and fourth year students receive specialised teaching in probability and statistics in departmentally-based inter-collegiate classes. Optional advanced courses in computational statistics are delivered in purpose-built computing labs in the Department of Statistics. The college has particular research strength in applied and computational statistics.