The Oxford Law course, leading to the BA in Jurisprudence, not only gives students a broad education in the theory of Law, but also gives an opportunity to develop skills in legal argument, requiring students to draw on moral, philosophical, social, historical, economic and other ideas.

Although the Oxford syllabus comprises topics chosen primarily for their intellectual interest rather than the frequency with which they arise in practice, the degree nonetheless provides the qualification to practice as a barrister in England and Wales, equivalent to the LLB of other universities.

The standard course is for three years (Course I). There is also a four-year course which includes a year abroad (Course II). For further details see

The course at St Peter's

The college admits around six students each year to study law. Situated on the site of the former New Inn Hall, home to such legal pioneers as Sir William Blackstone (1723-1780) and Alberico Gentili (1552-1608), it has a separate Law Centre in New Road, adjacent to the main site, which provides tutors’ rooms, a specialist law library and computing facilities.

The strong sense of legal community within the college is fostered by the student-run Law Society, which provides a forum for law-related events, including mooting. The Law Society also provides the opportunity for former students of the college who are now working in the legal profession to return to give guidance and insights to the next generation.

While most of our graduates go on to become barristers or solicitors, the study of law provides an excellent preparation for a wide variety of other careers. No fewer than three current English High Court Judges were educated at St Peter’s, together with numerous partners of leading law firms and several FTSE 250 company secretaries and legal counsels. The collective influence of our alumni with emerging sectors of the profession has been profound, such as Intellectual Property within the entertainment and technology industries.

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