The college awards scholarships to current students of the college, usually on the basis of academic merit. Scholars are invited to dinner with the SCR each year.

Information about these scholarships can be found below. General enquires can be sent to the College Registrar.

Value: c £600

Contact: Catherine Whalley

Each year a number of scholarships will be awarded in memory of Anjool Maldé (Geography 2005). Scholarships will be given to undergraduates entering their second year, who have shown both academic excellence and an outstanding role in citizenship since arriving at St Peter’s. Awards may also be made, on occasion, to students entering their third or fourth year of study.

Nominations for Anjool Maldé Scholarships, which are submitted by tutors to the Master and Senior Tutor, will be considered independently of recommendations for other scholarships and awards (i.e. a student may hold more than one scholarship or other award concurrently).

Malde Scholars retain their title in future years, but with no further payment.

Value: £100

Awarded to all undergraduates achieving a Distinction or 1st Class result in the First Public Examination. Scholars retain their title (without further payment) in subsequent years.

Value: £0; title only

Awarded on the recommendation of tutors to those narrowly missing a Domus Scholarship. Exhibitioners retain their title in subsequent years.

Value: £100

Awarded to undergraduates at the end of their second year of studies with the specific objective of encouraging students who have shown a substantial improvement over the year, i.e. those who did not gain a Domus Scholarship at the end of the first year but have subsequently worked hard enough to be in contention for a first-class degree. Scholars retain their title (without further payment) in their fourth year (if relevant).

Value: £200

Awarded to the best first year English student at the start of the following academic year. The Scholar retains their title (without further payment) in their third year.

Value: £200

Awarded to the best first year Law student at the start of the following academic year. The Scholar retains their title (without further payment) in their third year.

Value: up to £1000 per year

A bursary, preferably for an undergraduate student, with a permanent address in Sabah, during their studies at St Peter’s. In the event that there are no students from Sabah studying at the college, the funds are used to support students studying History.

Value: £1000

Contact: Martin Brown

The Scholarship provides opportunities for a graduate student to participate in outreach activities organised being organised in the Museum of Natural History and the Department of Pharmacology under the auspices of the University Museum and the Saturday Club Trust affiliated to the Sorrell Foundation. Applications are sought (from graduate students at all colleges) during Michaelmas term each year.

Value: Full course fees plus other financial support.

Applicants must be Singaporean citizens and preferably resident in Singapore at the time of application. The applicant must have the intention of using their experience at St Peter's College to contribute to the development of the academic and intellectual environment of Singapore.

Only one St Peter's Diggle Clarendon Scholarship is funded at a time; the Scholarship will not be awarded again in the near future.