Student walking in Linton Quad


The college awards a variety of one-off prizes to students on the basis of academic achievement and for other reasons.

Information about these prizes can be found below. General enquires can be sent to the College Registrar.

Value: £50

Awarded to the best first year student in each subject at the start of the following year. There is one prize for each subject and prizes are unlikely to be awarded to students who have not achieved a Distinction in their Preliminary Examinations. 

In most cases the prizes are supported by the Simpson Bequest, but there are named prizes in some subjects: 

  • Bailey Prize: Chemistry
  • Houghton Prize: English
  • Smith Prize: History
  • Sutton Prize: PPE
  • Rivington Prize: Theology & Religion (including joint schools with Theology)
  • Pearman Prize (£125): German

Value: £30

Awarded each term on the basis of tutors’ recommendations, with the usual criteria being 1st class performance in at least one collection paper, and at least 2.1 standard performance in any other papers. Collection Prizes can also be used to reward and encourage outstanding performance in other types of academic assessment (but not for performance in University examinations or assessment).

Value: £150

Two prizes awarded each year to students for their contribution to the non-academic life of the college. The JCR and MCR each solicit nominations and arrange voting for the winners.

Value: £150

A prize is awarded each year to a student for their contribution to the sporting life of the college. Student nominations are sought and these are voted on by the student body.

Value: £600.

Awarded to the most distinguished Finalist of the year (based on Finals results).

Value: £50.

Awarded to students achieving a First in their Finals, and to taught graduate students achieving a Distinction.

Value: £200 each 

T W Mason Prize: Awarded to the student author of the best History FHS thesis in the year.

Rivington Prize: Awarded to the student author of the best FHS thesis/extended essay in Theology & Religion (or any joint school including Theology).

Value: £200 each

Five prizes, one awarded to the best performing student in Mathematics and Joint Schools at Prelims, Part A, Part B and Part C, and (as a fifth group) in a taught MSc course in any of the Mathematical Sciences, including Computer Science and Statistics.

Value: £50

Awarded to the best Mathematics student in the year.

Value: £50

Contact: Prof Daron Burrows

All students studying French during their Year Abroad are asked to produce a short piece of creative writing on a theme selected from a list proposed by the benefactor (Canon Brian Macdonald-Milne).

Value: £TBC

Awarded for the best 1,500-2,000 word essay, as judged by the Editors of the College Record. Entries are invited during Trinity term each year.

Value: £TBC

Awarded for the best poem submitted each year. Entries are invited during Trinity term each year.