Students sitting in Mulberry Quad


The college has a number of funds to provide financial support to students to cover particular costs or to assist in cases of financial hardship.

Full information, including application procedures and the relevant contact details, can be found in the tabs below. Information about travel funding can be found here.

General enquiries can be sent to the Student Finance Officer.

Undergraduate students can apply for a vacation grant to help towards their vacation rent if they need to stay in Oxford for academic purposes such as revision and exams. Students can apply for a grant for up to 15 nights per academic year; for 2020-21 the rate of funding is £23.42 per night.

Application forms can be found at the Lodge or in the Finance Office or can be downloaded from the college Intranet.

St Peter's has a Hardship Fund to help with unexpected financial problems. Students are asked to make an appointment with the Student Finance Officer to discuss in detail their financial problems.

All information is kept private and confidential and students are assessed individually based on their circumstances. The college cannot award any grants or loans towards course fees.

The Student Finance Officer can advise students on applying to University Hardship Funds.

The Student Support Fund is available to assist students undertaking extra-curricular activities (such as sports and club activities) where funding is not in place or where students cannot afford the full costs without causing genuine financial hardship.

Applicants are assessed based on their individual financial circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Student Finance Officer for more information and an application form. Your application will remain confidential.

The Blues Scholarship Award is available to students playing sport at University level, be that as a full blue, a half blue or another non-blue University sport.

This is available to all students of the college and the amount available relates to the costs incurred in relation to participation for the sport concerned.

Please contact the JCR or MCR sports reps for details.

Thanks to the generosity of Paul and Kathy Pearman, who are keen to promote the study of German at St Peter’s, students of German at the College, including those taking Beginners German, are eligible to apply for financial assistance.

The Pearman Fund was launched in 2018 and has already benefited both undergraduate and graduate students immensely. In particular, the Fund has facilitated travel abroad for graduate research projects and conference attendance, and has helped to offset travel costs for undergraduates during their year abroad. Additionally, first-year students have received generous book grants and prizes for exam performance at the end of the year.

With support from the Pearman Fund, St Peter’s students have travelled to Freiburg, Bonn, Switzerland, and South Tyrol, and have bought poetry anthologies and essential grammar books. Current students who wish to know more should contact Dr Joanna Neilly.

The Rivington Fund enables the granting of funding to graduate students with a proven track record who are studying Theology or a closely-related discipline, at the discretion of the Official Fellow in Theology, for research-related purposes. 

Current students who wish to know more should contact Professor Sondra Hausner.

Contact: Senior Tutor

A general fund to which students can apply for modest amounts of funding for activities with demonstrable academic merit, including undertaking foreign language courses at the Oxford Language Centre. Students seeking college contributions towards the cost of language courses must contact the Senior Tutor before signing up for a course.

Contact: College Registrar

A fund to assist undergraduate students with the accommodation or travel costs related to undertaking research internships in Oxford or elsewhere. Students will be invited to apply for funding in Michaelmas and Hilary terms each year and applications will be considered in two gathered fields with funding decisions announced early in Hilary and Trinity terms.

Contact: College Registrar

New undergraduate students are offered £100 to spend on academic resources during their first year of studies. Award of the Book Grant is conditional on completion of an online course in Academic Good Practice. The Simpson Book Grants were first awarded in 2020-21.

Contact: Prof Lionel Mason

A fund available to make grants or loans (of varying value) to support student artistic activity (e.g. Arts Week activities, dramatic productions, etc.).

Contact: College Registrar

A fund available to support the college’s musical life and the musical activities of the college’s students.

Contact: College Registrar

The college is usually invited by the Worshipful Company of Cutlers to nominate students for Craythorne Scholarships. Students in eligible subjects are contacted each year and invited to apply to be nominated. Financial need is a key criterion.

The final decisions about Scholarship awards are made by the Company not the college.

Contact: Dr Huw Dorkins

Students studying Medicine may apply to this fund in relation to the costs of medical equipment required for their studies.

Contact: Dr Huw Dorkins or College Registrar

Students studying Medicine may apply for a grant of up to £500 in relation to the costs of undertaking medical electives. These grants can be applied for by completing a Travel Awards application form (available on the College intranet); requests are considered by the College’s Tutorial Fellow in Medicine rather than by the Travel Funds Committee. Clinical medical students may also make additional applications to the Graduate Awards scheme for other activities but not for funding towards their electives.