Students talking in quad

Student Life

As a Visiting Student, you will have access to all college facilities and membership of the Junior Common Room (JCR) - the undergraduate student body. St Peter’s is central to the social lives of our students. Many visiting students make their best friends in college, and enjoy the opportunity to contribute to college life.

The Junior Common Room (JCR) is the term used to describe two key aspects of college undergraduate life. Firstly, it is a physical space – the common room itself – which serves as a social hub in college, while it is also the collective term for all undergrads within St Peter’s.

The common room, fitted with comfy sofas, a large HD television, table tennis, a pool table and foosball table, is the key place in college where students can meet and relax. Its position right under the large Matthews accommodation block and next to the bar means that at almost any hour you can find friends inside. Newspapers are delivered daily, while great events like open mic nights, hog roasts to warm up in the winter, and the famous St Peter’s ‘bops’ (parties) are regularly held in the building.

Each year a JCR Committee is elected, whose members all have different roles to play both within college and the wider University, whether that be the student welfare team, representatives for charities, sports and academic affairs or the much-loved St Peter’s mascot. The JCR General Meetings give a chance for undergraduates to make sure the committee is doing its job, while it is also used to make democratic decisions on JCR issues, for example on funding for events or the JCR’s opinion on wider University issues.

St Peter’s takes its responsibility for the welfare of its students very seriously, with a Welfare team to whom students can turn for confidential advice on any matter, whether of a personal, financial or medical nature.

The Welfare team includes both senior and junior members of the college, who work closely with each other to ensure that an appropriate range of expertise and help is available. The students themselves organise a peer support group.

More information about Welfare provision at St Peter’s can be found here.