St Peter's Chapel

The Chapel

The college Chapel is a place of worship with an open and inclusive ethos, as well as being used for many other purposes by the college community, such as musical rehearsals and concerts, meetings and lectures, plays and other artistic events, social events and dinners.

I realise that many people are feeling particularly anxious during these times of Covid restrictions and are concerned for themselves or family members.

If you would like to talk to a priest or just have a chat with someone outside of your usual circle of friends, please either send me an email ( or get in touch through teams or by phone (+44(0)1865 278905). 

I am a member of the College’s Welfare Team and happy to chat to any member of college in confidence.

The term card for Trinity 2021 can be downloaded here.

As you can see from the photograph below, the seats in chapel have now all been placed two metres apart from one another. Members of the congregation are reminded that they should wear a face mask and observe social distancing at all times.

Chairs in the chapel laid out two metres apart

There are currently two online student discussion groups: one is for those wanting to find out about the Bible and Christian faith and the other is for those interested in Christian baptism and or confirmation. From time to time there are book discussions groups and staff groups. For further information, contact the Chaplain (

This term the Chaplain and Assistant Chaplain will be in conversation about prayer on the St Peter’s College Chapel Facebook page. They will be discussing the practicalities of prayer and exploring questions commonly raised.

In Hilary Term 2021, the choir will be singing at weekly online worship on Sundays at 17:30. We will be using music from various chant repertories of Europe, including Serbian, Kievan, and Gregorian chant, as well as newly composed plainsong. 

The choir will also be making a number of virtual choir videos of both sacred and secular music, which will be released on the St Peter's website.

The Guidelines for any college member wanting to book Chapel are available here. These include special regulations applicable during the current pandemic. 

Protocols on the use of the Chapel are available here.