Castle Hill House

Castle Hill House Project

In early 2018, St Peter's made its first major acquisition of new land and property next to the central college site since the early 1980s. The grounds of Castle Hill House, located on New Road between Canal House and the college's Law Centre, offers an exciting opportunity for development, which will allow St Peter's to provide more accommodation to its students, particularly second year undergraduates.

As with the Perrodo Project (2014-2018), the college is looking for a distinctive development that meets our three principal criteria: utility, function and aesthetics. Castle Hill House will be a much more visible building than our recent projects, and will form an important part of the public realm on New Road, which itself has an increased profile because of the recently opened Westgate Centre.

Following an invited competition, Design Engine, who were responsible for the award-winning Hubert Perrodo Building, were appointed as architects for the project.

The project itself will take some 3-4 years in total. By the end of 2018, we plan to have completed the high-level design of the building based on our overall requirements and the findings of the various surveys – topological, archaeological, arboricultural, engineering and so on.  

By the end of 2019, we plan to have completed all the design work, the extensive consultations required for this more public building, and to have been granted planning permission so that we can appoint a main contractor for the work.

Before we make that critical go/no go decision, we need to have raised sufficient funds through our Development Office, which, in line with standard practice, needs to be approximately 75% of the cost of development, which amounts to roughly £7.5m out of a total cost of £10m.