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Castle Bailey Quad opens to student residents

20 January 2024

Westfield House
A large brick building

Castle Bailey Quad opens to student residents

Two new accommodation buildings at St Peter's College are now open for student residents.

Alumni and supporters responded in strikingly generous ways to the appeal for funds to help us build two new accommodation buildings, a new courtyard, a new common room and a new entrance to College. This new expansion is known collectively as Castle Bailey Quad, nodding to the site's historical and archaeological ties to the nearby Oxford Castle. You can learn more about the campaign here.

In January 2024, St Peter's College was delighted to welcome the first student residents of Castle Bailey Quad to their new College rooms. We look forward to celebrating the grand opening of the site with donors to the project in June 2024.

All alumni are warmly welcome to stop by College anytime to see the new quad.

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