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Prestigious Rockefeller Foundation Residency for Prof Wójcik

11 April 2023

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The Rockefeller Foundation has selected Professor Dariusz Wójcik for its prestigious Bellagio Center Residency Program.

Scholars from a wide range of backgrounds, disciplines and geographies are selected for the Bellagio Residency based on their potential to develop breakthrough ideas and artworks that focus on global and social issues and encourage positive action. Residents receive up to four weeks of residency in a group of up to 15 fellow scholars at The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center in Bellagio Italy. They join an international legacy and network of notable alumni, including Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Maya Angelou, Dikgang Moseneke, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Ta-Nehesi Coates, Akin Omotoso and Ilwad Elman.

Prof Wójcik is an expert scholar in Economic Geography. He is the Edgar Jones Fellow and Tutor in Geography at St Peter’s and Professor of Economic Geography at the University of Oxford School of Geography and the Environment. Prof Wójcik has published in leading journals in economic geography and related fields and serves on the editorial board of Economic Geography. His research has been reported in The Financial Times, The Sunday Times and The Financial News. He is the co-editor of The New Oxford Handbook of Economic Geography, and author of Sticky Power: Global Financial Networks in the World Economy.

During his Bellagio Residency, Prof Wójcik will focus on The Atlas of Finance forthcoming with Yale University Press in 2024. The Atlas maps and visualises the origins, evolution and possible futures of money and finance. It integrates geographical, economic, and sociological approaches to the topic, with digital humanities, data science, cartography and graphic design, to change the way people see finance.

Learn more about Prof Wójcik here.

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