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Dr Joanna Neilly returns to award-winning ‘Embrace Everything’ podcast for third season

2 June 2023

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Dr Joanna Neilly is once again a featured literature scholar on the podcast documentary, Embrace Everything: The World of Gustav Mahler

Dr Neilly teaches and researches German literature and culture of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Her first book focuses on Hoffmann, in particular Hoffmann’s depictions of ‘the Orient’ and his engagement with, and criticism of, popular orientalist stereotypes of his time. Beyond her work on Hoffman, she has published widely on German Romanticism and is currently working on a project about Romanticism’s contemporary relevance. In Embrace Everything, she applies her expertise in the influence and reception of German Romanticism and German literature to paint the literary background for the world of Mahler and his music.

Embrace Everything reached #1 on the Apple Music Commentary, Music History, or Music charts in the United States, Belgium, Chile, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Singapore, and Sweden. Learn more about the series and how to listen here.

Read more about Dr Neilly’s research, teaching and public engagement here.

Dr Neilly and Aaron Cohen in Conversation

The Master hosted an online event in 2020 featuring Dr Neilly and Aaron Cohen in conversation about the art of podcasting and their work on Embrace Everything.

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