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Equality and Diversity

St Peter’s is committed to creating and maintaining a community which promotes equality and values diversity amongst all its staff and students. We respect the rights and dignity of all those who work and study here, and we aim to ensure that the inclusive nature of our community is manifest throughout the college. We want it to be reflected in our physical spaces, our teaching, our structures of governance, our record as an employer, and the events we support.

Equality and Diversity initiatives in St Peter’s are led by the E&D Forum, a group made up of academic staff, support staff, and members of the MCR and JCR. Its role is to develop projects within the college which promote equality and diversity, and to respond effectively to relevant public sector legislation. 

These are some of the projects we have undertaken recently:

  • Evaluation of disability access to all communal college spaces and facilities, with a view to improving access to the College Library and other key locations.
  • Compulsory (online) E&D training for all staff, and compulsory race awareness training for all student-facing and managerial staff.
  • Diversifying portraiture project, to showcase the role of women and people of colour within the college and its history
  • Improvements to signage and maps within college including better signage of the gender-neutral toilets, disability access routes and baby-changing facilities

Our Equality Policy and Action Plan can be found here.

Our gender pay gap reporting can be found here

Within the college there is a Dean of Welfare, Eleanor Tingle, who is the college lead for Disability and Gender, Sexuality and Orientation. 

As a music psychotherapist, Eleanor has worked extensively with young people in exploring their identities, celebrating individuality and diversity and supporting those whose journeys are impacted by prejudice and /or lack of understanding. Eleanor’s areas of knowledge and expertise include the interplay between mental health and acknowledged identity; gender fluidity; and transitioning in educational settings. She has attended specialist training on gender and sexuality.

On the Welfare pages, you can also find advice and guidance on the college’s harassment policies. 

There are a number of important student-led initiatives that have taken place in the college in recent years. On the JCR Committee there is a

  • Gender, Sexuality and Orientation Representative;
  • Disability Representative; 
  • Socioeconomic Representative; 
  • Women's Representative;
  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Representative. 

These representatives work throughout the year to ensure that all students feel welcome and also to promote further improvements in accessibility and inclusivity. 

The JCR hosts BAME tea, Questioning tea and Disabilitea throughout the year where students are encouraged to get together as part of the community they identify with. There are Peer Supporter drop-in sessions, and the JCR also hosts twice-weekly welfare teas, aimed at promoting mental health. There are film nights (with subtitles and audio descriptions), showcasing equality and diversity. 

All these events are held in the JCR, which has step-free access, and which can be modified to suit other accessibility requirements (e.g. dimming the lights) as necessary. In recent years, the JCR has campaigned to fly the LGTBQ+ flag during LGBT History Month as well as during Transgender Awareness Week. The JCR strives to make St Peter's a place where everyone feels included.

St Peter’s MCR also works very hard to promote an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere where everyone is made to feel valued and appreciated.

The MCR regularly holds events to celebrate the diversity of their student body, including a bring and share international food evening. 

They appoint a disability rep each year who acts as a point of contact for fellow disabled students in the MCR, whilst also working with the college to ensure that St Peter’s is inclusive and accessible for all present and future students who identify as being disabled.

The LGBTQ rep works to support LGBTQ members of the MCR and organises regular social events both separately from and in conjunction with the JCR. They also help to make students aware of LGBTQ events happening across the university. 

St Peter’s was founded in the 1920s to offer a world-class education to young people who would not otherwise be able to access such resources. Almost a century later, this remains our mission, and we are wholly committed to encouraging and supporting talented students from any background. We run a range of outreach and widening participation schemes to promote this.

More information about our schools outreach initiatives can be found here.

Disability affects everyone differently. At St Peter’s, we’re dedicated to making sure that everyone has the best possible chance to succeed, regardless of disability.

St Peter’s welcomes students, staff and visitors with disabilities and we aim to make as much of the college and its buildings accessible as we can. We have a number of wheelchair-accessible accommodation units available for student use, and most of the key facilities within college have step-free access. We are currently reviewing the provision of access across the college site. The college works with the University's Disability Advisory Service to seek to support all students with disabilities at the college.

For more information for students with disabilities at Peter’s:

Disability Lead
Eleanor Tingle
Dean for Welfare
+44 (0)1865 278865

Disability Coordinator
Catherine Whalley
College Registrar
+44 (0)1865 278864

The college has two nominated contacts at the University's Disability Advisory Service​
+44 (0)1865 289820 (mental health)
+44 (0)1865 280459

Disability Rights UK also has a free student helpline, which provides advice to disabled students who are studying in England (0330 995 0414).

There are many resources within the University which can provide information and support on issues and interests relating to Equality and Diversity.

Gender, sexuality and orientation


BAME and race awareness

Bursary and scholarships 
There are a range of bursary and scholarships available at St Peter's, from hardship grants to travel and vacation grants for graduate and undergraduate students. Eligibility differs depending on the grant or scholarship.