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Academic Office Information

The Academic Office handles academic administration for students and can be found on the ground floor of Besse Staircase.

The Academic Office team is made up of:

Catherine Whalley, College Registrar
Martin Brown, Deputy Registrar and Admissions Administrator
Anna McMurtrie, Access and Outreach Coordinator
Catherine Shortis, Tutorial and Student Administrator
Parrizad Pound, College Office Administrator and Admissions Assistant

You can contact us by email via college.office@spc.ox.ac.uk

The Student Administrative Handbook can be found here.

The college intranet is a useful place to look for other information, including forms.

The University’s Study skills training webpages provide useful information about good academic practice, plagiarism and managing your time. You can access the University’s online course on good academic practice here.

If your University card is lost, stolen or damaged, please email college.office@spc.ox.ac.uk to request a replacement.
If your card is lost, you will also need to pay the £15 replacement fee at the University's online store. There is no fee for replacing damaged or stolen cards, though for the latter you will need to supply a crime number.
Instructions on how to pay the £15 fee can be found here.
It takes approximately two days for new cards to arrive and we will send you an email to notify you when the card has arrived and is ready for collection from the Academic Office. For damaged cards, or lost or stolen cards that you have since found, you will need to bring the old card with you to hand in upon receipt of the new card.

The Academic Office is able to produce transcripts and letters which you may require for a variety of purposes. In order for us to process your request promptly, please read the following information.


If you matriculated in 2007 or later, you will need to contact the University to obtain an official Oxford University transcript. Details of how to do so are available here.

If you matriculated before 2007, the college will provide a transcript. Please complete this form to request this. Please note that transcripts are prepared by hand, so may take up to a week to be prepared at busy times.


If you require confirmation that you are a current student, the Enrolment Certificate which you can download from Student Self Service will be sufficient for most purposes. The Academic Office can provide a signature and stamp if required. This is the letter you should use to obtain Council Tax exemption.

If you require specific wording, or for some other reason the above certificate is not sufficient, please complete this form to request a letter from the Academic Office.

The University’s Stress Less webpage provides links to a variety of University resources related to examination preparation. Other resources include: