Undergraduate Freshers

Undergraduate Freshers

This page contains a range of documents and information for Undergraduate Freshers (not including Visiting Students) who are due to join St Peter's in October 2021.

Page last updated 10 September 2021

If you have any problems accessing the information on this page please contact college.office@spc.ox.ac.uk and we will be able to supply a copy by email or post.

    The JCR Freshers’ Guide contains a wealth of information and advice from current students.

    It helps us in the College Office to have some key information about you and when you are arriving. Once your travel plans are confirmed, please complete the short form here. The form asks you to confirm your date of arrival in Oxford, provide the phone number and email address of an emergency contact and to provide information about your dietary requirements.

    Induction sessions for Undergraduate Freshers will begin on the evening of Sunday 3 October. In-person induction activities will take place, with appropriate social distancing if required. Further information will be available in late September.

    You can expect a busy schedule of induction activities, both academic and social. There will be various College briefings which are compulsory for all students.

    You will have subject induction meetings will be arranged between yourself and your tutor(s) in College. You will also have induction activities in your department or faculty, and sessions to introduce you to the Libraries. The schedule of these events will vary according to which subject you are studying and some induction sessions may be provided online rather than in person.

    You will be invited to a formal Freshers’ Dinner during Freshers’ Week. The dress code for Freshers’ Dinner is smart/suits (as will also be the case if you choose to attend other ‘Formal Halls’ during the year).

    The College provides accommodation to all new Undergraduate Students. You will be automatically allocated a room; you do not need to contact the College in order to reserve a room.

    Undergraduate Freshers occupy rooms with a 27 week lease. Room charges are based on 27 weeks’ residence per year (9 weeks per term): Sunday of Week 0 to Saturday of Week 8 in each term. Occupancy dates in 2020-21 are as follows:

    Michaelmas term – Sunday 3 October - Saturday 4 December 2021 (leave by 10am)
    Hilary term – Sunday 9 January - Saturday 12 March 2022 (leave by 10am)
    Trinity term – Sunday 17 April - Saturday 18 June 2022 (leave by 10am)

    The rent is £172 per week which includes all utilities and internet connection. Also included is regular cleaning of student rooms and the frequent cleaning of communal areas. All rooms have a single bed, wardrobe, desk, chair and lamp. You will need to provide your own bed linen and towels.

    You will need to sign a Tenancy Agreement before you access your room. You can read a generic copy of the Tenancy Agreement here. Please do not sign and return this version; you will be issued with an electronic personalised agreement for an electronic signature before you access your room.

    More information about accommodation arrangements can be found in the Student Administrative Handbook. If you have any queries about accommodation not answered in the Handbook, please contact the Accommodation Manager (accommodation@spc.ox.ac.uk).

    Student meals begin at dinner on Sunday of Week 0 (e.g. 3 October 2021 in Michaelmas term) and end after breakfast on Saturday of Week 8 each term.

    New undergraduate students will be provided with all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the first few days of Freshers' Week (from dinner on Sunday 3 October until breakfast on Wednesday 6 October inclusive) for a single payment of £28, which will be charged to their Michaelmas term ‘battels’ (College invoice).

    After this you will be able to pay for meals via the Dining Hall’s pay as you go system. You will be charged £288 on your battels each term in 2021-22 as pre-payment for meals in Hall during the term. Each student will have their own account which is accessed via the UPAY website and which you top up further as necessary. Further information about the pre-payment model for meals can be found on the Dining Hall page of the website

    If you will be arriving in Oxford prior to Sunday 3 October and you would like to eat in the Dining Hall then you will be able to purchase a meal card from the lodge for £10 + £1 refundable deposit on return of the card.

    The Dining Hall will be open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays only from Monday 13 September.

    The 2021-22 Finance Guide for Undergraduates summarises all the key information you need about financial matters. You can find advice about managing your finances as a student on the University website.

    If you have any queries about financial matters, please contact our Student Finance Officer.

    Opening a bank account

    For students coming from outside the UK, the University provides a useful guide on how to open a UK bank account. You can find this on the main University website (in the section on the right hand side titled ‘related documents’, the 2021 version has been recently added there).

    Bringing money into the UK

    The regulations on bringing money into the UK are explained on the UK government website.

    Bank account details form 

    There will be times during your study when the College may need to make a payment to you (e.g. payment of prizes, returning deposits etc.) and holding your bank details enables this process to happen smoothly. If you can return this form before you start, it will save you filling it in in the future. However, if you don’t know your bank details yet, please don’t fill in this form. You can upload the completed form using the St Peter’s College Submission Portal (go to ‘Freshers’ and then select 'Bank Details').

    AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (unless you have already done so):


    • Register with the College Doctors: go to www.campusdoctor.co.uk/oxford/ and follow the instructions.
    • Complete online Data Collection Form (see instructions above).
    • Complete and return Bank details form (if you know your UK bank details already, optional, see instructions above).

    When you receive your Single Sign-On details (about a week after you return your University card form):