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Undergraduate Offer Holders 2024


Congratulations on receiving an offer to study at St Peter's College! On this page you will find helpful information and next steps for offer holders.

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JCR student advice

It’s normal to feel anxious before coming to any university, let alone Oxford. I remember wondering after finishing my A-levels how I’d adjust to the workload of an Oxford student, that I wouldn’t be up to it. What I didn’t know was how common this is. There’s even a term for it – imposter syndrome. Take pride in the fact that if you’ve received an offer, the tutors know that you’ll thrive on the challenge of the course! Imposter syndrome is sometimes expressed as a fear that Oxford is not for ‘people like me’: know that SPC is a wonderfully diverse community and fundamentally welcomes everyone, which we can’t wait to do in October.

The most important thing you can do between now and October is rest: you’ll thoroughly deserve it after exams. You may receive some pre-reading after results day in August, but it’s important not to overwork yourself before term’s even started! There will also likely be some admin that you’ll need to do, like opening a student bank account, and filling in forms to get you enrolled into various College and University things. It’s boring, but needs to be done: make sure you check your emails regularly over the summer, especially in the days after results day.

Once your offer is confirmed, you’ll be emailed a Freshers’ Guide by the JCR Committee, which will have a wealth of information for before and during your first weeks in Oxford. Read it carefully, especially for what to pack and not to pack. I also found it very exciting to start hearing from students who I’d be meeting in the coming weeks! Speaking of which, the guide should have the contact details of JCR Reps: if you have any questions or concerns about anything, they’re an excellent port of call.

So, my advice to offer holders is to rest over the summer, to prepare both academically and logistically for your arrival, and to look forward to a wonderful Freshers’ Week when it comes!

Important dates and confirmation

Over the next few months, we realise you may have a number of questions about what happens next. We hope the information provided on this webpage will help to answer some of your questions, and help address any concerns you might have. If you have any questions that aren't answered, please email us via and we will do our best to help you.

To help guide you through the process over the coming months, please take note of the expected timeline below:

Mid to late May - Draft CAS statements will be issued to Students requiring a visa
06 June - UCAS Reply deadline
05 July - Summer IB results issued – decisions will be confirmed for students whose offers are conditional on the IB
17 July - UCAS Reply deadline. If you received all your UCAS decisions received by 12 July, you must reply by this date
26 July - Deadline for Financial Declarations to be returned to College
26 July - Deadline to receive details of extenuating circumstances relevant to the 2023 exam period. Please download and complete this form. If you require the form in a different format (i.e. MS Word), please email
31 July - Deadline for English language requirements to be fulfilled
15 August - A-Level results day – decisions for A-Level conditional students will be confirmed via UCAS
16 August - Successful applicants will be asked to complete a number of forms (e.g. College Contract and University Card form) and return them online. Reading lists will also be made available
05 September - Deadline to receive re-marks of any exam paper(s)
September (exact date TBC) - All Freshers’ forms need to be returned

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