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Undergraduate Offer Holders 2023


Congratulations on receiving an offer to study at St Peter's College! On this page you will find helpful information and next steps for offer holders.

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JCR student advice

Before coming to Oxford, I think what caused most of my anxiety was uncertainty. Though I had an offer from Oxford for a subject I loved and was perfectly capable of doing well in, my background and perception of Oxford still led me to doubt whether this was true. I wondered whether I would meet people who were at all similar to me and whether I would flourish here. This was a main worry of mine, on top of the typical concerns of any student before going to university like making friends, settling in, and workload.

I found that preparing before you go to university is the best way to minimise anxiety as much as possible. I made a packing list and bought anything I needed to in the weeks before leaving home. I also made sure I completed all the relevant preparatory work I was set. As I mentioned before, meeting people with whom I would 'connect' with was a worry of mine, but we made a group chat on social media for offer holders and got to know each other before we moved in. I would also say to ask as many questions as possible – most of our conversations on the group chats weren’t about where everyone was from, but the specific brand of kettle everyone was bringing (a conversation that genuinely couldn’t get more exciting(!)) – but this again reduces any uncertainty. Before moving to Oxford, we were also put in touch with our ‘college families’. This is a mentoring system where you’re given a ‘college parent’ in the year above you, who does the same subject as you – someone you can ask plenty of questions and is an immediate friendly face when you move in. Personally, preparing as much as possible helped me feel ready for the transition to university - JCR Outreach Rep.

Important dates and confirmation

Over the next few months, we realise you may have a number of questions about what happens next. We hope the information provided on this webpage will help to answer some of your questions, and help address any concerns you might have. If you have any questions that aren't answered, please email us via and we will do our best to help you.

To help guide you through the process over the coming months, please take note of the expected timeline below:

Mid to late May - Draft CAS statements will be issued to Students requiring a visa
08 June - UCAS Reply deadline
05 July - Summer IB results issued – decisions will be confirmed for students whose offers are conditional on the IB
17 July - UCAS Reply deadline. If you received all your UCAS decisions received by 12 July, you must reply by this date
28 July - Deadline for Financial Declarations to be returned to College
28 July - Deadline to receive details of extenuating circumstances relevant to the 2023 exam period. Please download and complete this form. If you require the form in a different format (i.e. MS Word), please email
31 July - Deadline for English language requirements to be fulfilled
17 August - A-Level results day – decisions for A-Level conditional students will be confirmed via UCAS
18 August - Successful applicants will be asked to complete a number of forms (e.g. College Contract and University Card form) and return them online. Reading lists will also be made available
07 September - Deadline to receive re-marks of any exam paper(s)
September (exact date TBC) - All Freshers’ forms need to be returned

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