Students in library

Studying at St Peter's (Undergraduate)

We want to help our students excel and so the college always encourages academic progress and achievement. From college seminars to overseas vacation reading parties, St Peter's offers a variety of opportunities to learn in different ways.

The syllabus for each subject will be the same whichever college you choose, as will be the exams you need to sit and the lectures (and, for scientists, the practicals) you attend, but key to an Oxford education are tutorials.

You can usually expect to have at least one tutorial a week when you will meet your tutor, either on your own or with one or two other students, to discuss the work you have previously been set. Over the three or four years of your course you are likely to be taught by tutors not only from St Peter’s, but also by specialists from across the University, but it is St Peter’s tutors who will guide you through the syllabus and be on hand to help supervise your academic progress. St Peter’s tutors include both Fellows and Lecturers of the college, most of whom also hold University posts.

The University has outstanding library and laboratory facilities. The college supplements these with a 24/7 library on site which provides a comfortable and widely-used study space.