Oxford provides facilities for a wide range of sports at a variety of standards, enabling students both to continue activities that they already enjoy and to try out something new.

St Peter’s shares a sports field with Hertford and Exeter colleges, providing two cricket pitches and pavilions, two rugby and football pitches, a hockey pitch, tennis courts and a squash court. Our rowers share a boat house with University College.  

Sport at St Peter's goes from strength to strength every year. Recent successes include the men's 2nd VIII winning blades in June 2017, meaning that they bumped on every day of Summer Eights, and Cuppers wins in everything from Rugby 7s to Cheerleading! 

However, at Peter's, it isn't all about winning. In recent years, SPC has had the largest turnout of all the colleges at the mixed lacrosse cuppers tournament, with an astounding 26 players. This epitomises the St Peter's sprit towards sport - while many of the players had never picked up a stick before, they were more than willing to give up both their time and energy for the good of the college.

Other popular sporting highlights at Peter's include the finalists vs non finalists annual football game, the JCR vs SCR cricket match each summer, and the new and up and coming college rounders society. Sport at St Peter's is something which genuinely can be enjoyed by all. From the fiercely competitive to the most easy going of sports men and women, there is a sporting niche for everyone.