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St Peter’s Finalist Awarded Henry Wilde Prize

23 February 2022

Jack Solomon

2021 graduate Jack Solomon (Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), 2018) was awarded the 2021 Henry Wilde Prize in Philosophy. The award is given annually ‘for an outstanding performance in Philosophy in any of the Final Honour Schools involving Philosophy’.

Jack Solomon, who is now applying his training in formal logic to an MSc in Computer Science at Imperial College London, was awarded the prize for best overall performance in Philosophy across all Joint Schools.

He reflected on his experience as a Philosophy, Politics and Economics student at St Peter’s College: ‘Beyond fostering a space for critical engagement with new ideas, my tutors at Peter’s made the study of PPE overwhelmingly enjoyable - whether that be for the staple chaos of Tim Mawson’s thought experiments or Sophie Allen’s tolerance for my many Quine misinterpretations (and the list, of course, goes on).’

Solomon’s tutor Dr Tim Mawson, Edgar Jones Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy commented, ‘There is a story that, as the curtain went up on the opening night of one of his plays, Oscar Wilde was asked if he thought his play would be a success, to which he replied that his play was already a success; the only open question was whether or not the audience would be a success. Jack's scripts were a success last summer and we are delighted to have just now received the great news that his examiners were a success too. So, we add them to the list of those we congratulate.’

- Hannah Hempstead

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