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Prof Ricardo Soares de Oliveira recipient of funding for large-scale anti-corruption research project

12 March 2024

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Professor Ricardo Soares de Oliveira is part of a large-scale collaborative research project that aims to strengthen the impact of investigative journalism and academic research on issues of organised financial corruption.

The project, ‘Global Finance and the Enablers of Corruption: Identifying Enabler Networks and their Vulnerabilities,’ brings together the University of Oxford, the University of Exeter and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), all of whom are recipients of grants from the UK-funded Anti-Corruption Evidence Research Program.

Combatting large-scale, organised financial crime across borders requires a vast breadth and depth of data and expertise--data and expertise that is so often housed in individual organisations with individual databases working on individual projects. Led by the University of Exeter, the project collaborators hope to break down these knowledge silos and construct a robust picture of the complex enablers, connections and activities of global financial crime networks. Oxford and Exeter will integrate their world-class academic research with the investigative and data capacities of OCCRP, one of the largest major investigative journalism agencies in the world, powering a more effective anti-corruption approach.

Prof Soares de Oliveira said, ‘I am delighted with the prospect of working with OCCRP and Exeter on this pioneering project. This sort of collaboration between journalists and scholars holds extraordinary promise in terms of both knowledge production and urgent regulatory reform of service provision to kleptocrats.’

About Prof Soares de Oliveira

Ricardo Soares de Oliveira

Prof Soares de Oliveira is the Manika and Haarjeev Kandhari Fellow and Tutor in Politics and Professor of the International Politics of Africa in the Department of International Relations at the University of Oxford. He is co-editor of African Affairs, the journal of the Royal African Society, and co-director of the Oxford Martin School’s Programme on African Governance. In 2023, he was awarded a British Academy Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship in support of his forthcoming book, Africa Offshore: The Global Offshore Economy and the Reshaping of African Politics.

Learn more about Prof Soares de Oliveira here.

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