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Prof Randy Bruno Awarded Academy of Medical Sciences Professorship

1 June 2022

Prof Randy Bruno

Randy Bruno arrived at St Peter’s College for the official start of his new appointment as Professor and Tutor in Neuroscience at the beginning of Hilary term 2022. One of the many casualties of the supply chain disruption and freight delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, he spent the next four months waiting for the arrival of a long-delayed shipment of his household furniture and lab equipment from New York.

The AMS Professorship Scheme, which includes grant funding of nearly £500k and other benefits, is designed to support academics who have recently begun or been offered a full professorship at a Higher Education Institution in the UK and have moved or plan to move from overseas to the UK. For Professor Bruno, this grant means being able to support post-doctoral researchers as he establishes his new lab in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics and begins his work as Tutor and Fellow of Neuroscience at St Peter’s College.

“The AMS Professorship will allow my lab to immediately start tackling in Oxford questions of how neurons of the cerebral cortex are wired up to support intelligent behaviour,' Prof Bruno commented. 'Their immediate support will additionally facilitate my teaching at St Peter’s as I will be able to pace my applications for other research grants. This is a brilliant mechanism for recruiting biomedical researchers to the UK.”

The furniture and lab equipment (finally) arrived, and he is busy preparing to teach his first cohort of St Peter’s College students and establishing his new Cortical Circuits Lab. To learn more about Prof Bruno and his teaching and research, click here.