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Expert Comment: Dr Vlad Mykhnenko on Putin’s War

16 March 2022

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Dr Vlad Mykhnenko has provided expert comments and grave personal reflections on the history, development and impact of the war in Ukraine in two articles published by the University of Oxford.

  • To read his article, 'Expert Comment: Putin’s war - How did we get here?... Ukraine 2014', for the University of Oxford and to access links to his full paper in both English and Russian, click here.
  • To read the University article, 'Myths, mistakes and Kremlin revenge: Dr Vlad Mykhnenko and the devastating invasion of his Ukraine home', click here.

Dr Vlad Mykhnenko is Associate Professor of Sustainable Urban Development and the St Peter’s College Research Fellow in Sustainable Urban Development whose research focuses on geographical political economy. He is the author of The Political Economy of Post-Communism: The Donbas and Upper Silesia in Transition (2011).