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Exam Success 2020

23 June 2021

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St Peter's is pleased to note that last year's degree results have seen the College placed fourth in the 2020 Norrington Table. This is the highest position the college has ever achieved.

Of the 96 St Peter's undergraduates who took Finals last summer, a remarkable 54 achieved Firsts. Professor Judith Buchanan, said: ‘I was impressed by how our students managed the demands of a very difficult year and I am delighted for them, and for our tutors, at this wonderful set of results. We look forward to welcoming back to College last year's graduating cohort, and congratulating them warmly in person, as soon as it becomes possible.'

Developed by Sir Arthur Norrington, former President of Trinity, the Norrington Table includes the results of all students who have completed and gained an award on an undergraduate degree programme available for classification (i.e. all full-time undergraduate programmes except BMBCH, Cert Theology and Dip Legal Studies).

The Norrington Score is based on the classifications of undergraduate degrees awarded and expressed as a percentage, rounded to two decimal places.

The table can be viewed in full on the University's website.