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Celebrating St Peter's Women

8 March 2022

Westfield College, founded in London in 1882, was a pioneering women’s college that faced opposition to offering a university education to women at all. Between 1939 and 1945, the women of Westfield College took up residence in St Peter’s as wartime evacuees from their London home. Throughout World War II, they made the St Peter’s estate their own. These pioneering and inspiring women who lived and learned at St Peter's long before St Peter’s admitted women as matriculated students remind us both of the case for higher education for all and of the imperative to offer hospitality to those in need in times of war.
A group photo of women in a College quad

This International Women’s Day, here are just a few inspiring St Peter’s College stories of women who broke barriers by becoming the ‘first’ at St Peter’s and around the world. This list is only the start. Share your story with us at