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Cambridge conference held in honour of Prof Lionel Mason

25 October 2021

Last week, a special workshop conference was held at the University of Cambridge in honour of Prof Lionel Mason, Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics at St Peter's.

Entitled "Twistor Theory and Beyond", the workshop, which was originally scheduled to take place in 2020, was convened in honour of Prof Mason's 60th birthday and to celebrate his groundbreaking contributions towards the field.

Twistor theory has had a widespread impact in mathematics and physics since its origin about 50 years ago. In this interdisciplinary workshop, to take place in Cambridge, we will revisit its main achievements, and will assess the most promising current directions.

The workshop featured speakers from around the UK and the world, including Nathan Berkovits (Sao Paulo), Zvi Bern (UCLA), Eduardo Casali (Davis), Lance Dixon (SLAC), Yvonne Geyer (Bangkok), Rod Gover (Auckland), Claude LeBrun (Stony Brook), Jerzy Lewandowski (Warsaw), Roger Penrose (Oxford, to be confirmed), Prim Plansangkate (Hat Yai), Dave Skinner (Cambridge), George Sparling (Pittsburgh), Ian Strachan (Glasgow), Paul Tod (Oxford), Jaroslav Trnka (Davis), and Anastasia Volovich (Brown).

More details can be found on the workshop website.