Flowers in Linton Quad

Middle Common Room

Each year a Committee is elected to represent the interests of the MCR within the college and to organise social events, including bops (Oxford–speak for parties), formal dinners, cultural events, academic events and trips.

The Committee are also there to support postgraduate student needs and act as a point of advice and reference for all MCR members. The list below gives the names of the Committee for the year 2021/22.

Members can be contacted by emailing

Niamh Fearon
Vassilena Sharlandjieva
Daniel Hunt
Ellen Fanning
Health, Well-being and Welfare Reps
Roxana Lungu, Anna Jones and Catherine Chahrour
Sustainability Rep
Thomas Bunting
Social Secretaries
Catherine Fan, Katherine Fapp
Library Rep
Elena Lopez
Charities Rep
Marianne Richards
Sports Rep
Josceline Munro
Luca Marsico and Micaela Giesecke Chero
Social Assistants 
George Buss, Katherine Peters and Kim Lopez
Alice Yu and Tatjana Gibbons
Disabilities Reps
Ellen Fanning and Roxana Lungu
Gender Equality Rep
Naomi Sankaran
Access and Outreach Rep
George Buss
Sports Reps
Joseph Benton and Joe Glick
Arts Rep
Katherine Peters
Tea and Coffee Rep
Vik Shirvaikar
Immediate Past President
Joshua Bamford