Peter's People

Middle Common Room

Each year a Committee is elected to represent the interests of the MCR within the college and to organise social events, including bops (Oxford–speak for parties), formal dinners, cultural events, academic events and trips.

The Committee are also there to support postgraduate student needs and act as a point of advice and reference for all MCR members. The list below gives the names of the Committee for the year 2018/19.

Members can be contacted by emailing

Jamie Green
Joshua Bamford
Colette Lipp
Emily Parker
Welfare Reps
Garima Rana and Charlotte Hoskins
Jean Laurens
Social Secretary
Marcus Spiegel
Assistant Social Secretaries
Dominic McGann, Kimberly Glassman and Cassandra Fenton
Library Rep
Tara Healy
Charity Rep
Isabella Deutsch
Sports Rep
Francesca Panero