Peter's People

Junior Common Room

Each year a JCR Committee is elected, whose members all have different roles to play both within college and the wider University, whether that be the student welfare team, representatives for charities, sports and academic affairs or the much-loved St Peter’s mascot.

The JCR General Meetings give a chance for undergraduates to make sure the committee is doing its job, while it is also used to make democratic decisions on JCR issues, for example on funding for events or the JCR’s opinion on wider University issues. The list below gives the names of the Committee for the year 2018/19.

Members can be contacted by emailing

Gemma Roper
William Jackson
Alice Inman
Louisa Woolley
Louis Beer
Male Welfare Officer
Ellena Murray
Female Welfare Officer
Lucy Koster
Gender, Sexuality and Orientations Rep
Miranda Loughry
Disability Rep
William Wong
Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Rep
Pauline Gümpel
Internationals Rep
Desmond Asante
Outreach and Access Officer
Lara Gardiner
Entz Rep
Joe Kearney
Bar Manager
Thomas Clegg
Bar Treasurer
Yva Petit
Academic Affairs Officer
Martha Southall
Charities Rep
Martha Claxton
Charities Rep
Ellie Harrison
Sports Rep
Dominick Weatherby
Arts Rep
Michael Diamond
Alumni Relations Rep
Olivia Mappin‐Kasirer
Women’s Officer
Paul Wang
Finalists Rep
Francesca Chapman
Environment & Ethics Officer
Monica Minea
Freshers Secretary