St Peter's students have access to a wide range of IT facilities, both within the college and the wider University.

Computers and printers are available for students’ use in the Library. There is a charge for all printing (billed via battels in arrears). All college rooms have Internet access through the University network (OWL).

The college’s IT Office assists with connections and can advise on queries relating to computing facilities in the college and University.

The IT Office is located in Staircase III, Room 1. Opening hours: 10.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.00, Monday – Friday.

Open internet access is available on the main floor (1st floor) of the College Library (no need for username and password).

Computer terminals, requiring your SSO log in credentials, are located on the ground floor of the Library’s lobby.

Student Guest Wi-fi will be available for all early arrivals to the College until the beginning of 0th week for students with laptops and/or PDA devices. Student Guest Wi-fi details can be obtained from the Porters’ Lodge.

Once in possession of the University Card, you will be eligible for access to the student computers and College and University network. The procedures will be explained at the IT talk in Freshers’ Week.

Please address all IT related enquiries to the IT Officers (

From a SPC computer terminal, simply log in with your SSO credentials and print as you normally would. You will need your University card to release the job from the printer, by tapping it on the card reader attached to the printer (see the printing guide for full details). If your card does not work, please come to the IT Office so we can resolve the issue.

You can also release your print jobs by logging in to your online portal at and clicking on the “Jobs Pending Release” link.

From a personally owned device, such as your laptop, mobile and/or tablet, go to and click on “Web Print”. From here you can upload a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XPS and/or PDF document for printing. Once uploaded, go to any printer with a card reader within SPC (we currently only have the one printer, but more will be coming online soon), tap your card and out will come your print job. Full instructions can be downloaded here.

In both examples, if you have not released your job within 24hrs it will be automatically deleted from the system. You will not be charged once a job has been deleted.

At the end of 10th week each term the balances and reset. All accumulated charges will be batteled after this date.

Print Charges
A4 Mono
Single Side = £0.04
Duplex = £0.06
A4 Colour
Single Side = £0.13
Duplex = £0.20
A3 Mono
Single Side = £0.07
Duplex = £0.10
A3 Colour
Single Side = £0.25
Duplex = £0.50

St Peter's provides a copying/scanning service on the colour photocopier located in the Library Lobby on the ground floor of Linton House.

Instructions on how to copy using this machine can be downloaded here.

Instructions on how to scan using this machine can be downloaded here.

To connect to the college and University network, you will need to register and activate your RA account. This is done centrally within the University via IT Service.

Further details can be found via the Central IT Services website.

Details on how to connect to OWL and Eduroam can be found the Central IT Services website.

For details on how to connect to the SPC network, please download the instructions below relating to your device:


Alternatively, please come to the IT Office in Staircase III, with your device and we will assist.

All students must abide by the University of Oxford’s regulations governing the use of IT facilities, which are detailed here, and the St Peter’s College Computer Rules, set out in Annex F of the Student Handbook.

Please note that unauthorised cable runs in the college’s accommodation will be removed.

Any questions relating IT, please email us on or pop in to the IT Office.