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St Peter’s was among the first of Oxford’s colleges to appoint a full-time member of staff to encourage students from under-represented backgrounds to consider applying to Oxford. We work across the country to help young people and those who support them to make informed decisions about their future.

We welcome contact from potential applicants, teachers, parents, or alumni of the college who wish to work with young people. The college has a dedicated Schools Liaison Officer whose active programme of work aims to support the needs of potential applicants of a variety of ages.

You can follow these activities and keep informed about the latest St Peter's schools and access events on Twitter (@SPCOutreach) and Facebook (@spcoutreach).

Please do not hesitate to contact the Schools Liaison Officer should you have any questions.

T +44 (0)1865 614699

St Peter’s College welcomes applications from qualified young people of all conditions and walks of life. Institutions flourish where diversity is celebrated, and the inclusive and all-embracing learning environment at St Peter’s should be an option for consideration by all talented young people.

Our Schools Liaison Officer is Jacqui Dearden. She is responsible for working with young people in the United Kingdom and those who influence and encourage them to ensure that this message is heard.

Jacqui works with schools and colleges in our target outreach regions, delivering activity to increase awareness and understanding of the University and its admissions process, particularly among underrepresented groups.

She also provides support and advice for prospective applicants and their teachers, so that students can make informed decisions and confident applications.

If you have any questions about her work, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

T +44 (0)1865 614699

Every day, across the University, there are many activities taking place for you to participate in. Events are listed on this central calendar.

Visiting St Peter’s

Every year, the college hosts many visits from our link schools (see the ‘Events away from Oxford’ tab) and other bespoke events such as those listed under this text. The college works with pupils from the age of 10 and above, with a focus on schools in the state sector. 

Visits to the college are prioritised for state schools within our link regions, but please do get in touch in any case to check availability. 

Typical Visit to St Peter’s

10.30-11.00 Arrival, welcome
11.00-11.30 Introductory Talk
12.00-12.15 Q&A with current students
12.15-12.45 Lunch with undergraduates (provided free of charge)
12.45-13.15 Tour of St Peter’s
13.15-14.15 Academic taster session
14.30 Free time to explore Oxford / departure

We also take part in the University's Open Days each June/July and September, and also host dedicated study and learning days.

  • KS3 Learning Days for Year 7 and Year 8 students (in conjunction with Balliol College)

Each Oxford college is linked to a Local Authority to ensure that each state school has a first point of contact within the University. This measure is designed to improve the way in which the University communicates information, advice and guidance to teachers.

The scheme does not have any bearing on the Oxford admissions process and does not influence whether a college offers a candidate a place. It is not intended to replace any existing contact a school may have with a particular college or department.

Under this scheme, St Peter's College has been linked to Local Authorities in Merseyside, North Wales, the Isle of Man, and the London Boroughs of Enfield and Waltham Forest.

For the academic year 2019/20, the college will be running multi-school events in state schools in Merseyside, the Isle of Man, and the London Boroughs of Enfield and Waltham Forest. We believe that a multi-school approaches enables the college to spread its work effectively and fairly, bringing groups of highly motivated and able young people together.


The following workshops/talks are embedded into our programme of work for 2019-20. If you wish to find out about any of these activities, please get in touch

  • ‘Oxford Explained’ talk (KS3-4). An explanation of what it's like to study at Oxford, and what Oxford (and other competitive universities) are looking for.
  • Oxplore (KS3). A workshop designed to introduce young people to the Oxplore website. The workshops are designed to push students beyond the curriculum and to develop reasoning and debating skills. Is a robot a person? Could we live without laws? Could there be real-life XMen? This session will give pupils the opportunity to answer some big questions, and to create their own.
  • Applying to Oxford talk (KS5). A guide to the Oxford admissions process, providing advice for students on making a competitive application and alleviating any concerns.
  • Personal Statement Workshop (KS5). Offers guidance on writing focused, engaging and successful personal statements. 
  • Interview Workshop (KS5). An opportunity to discuss and practise interview skills, focused on challenging some of the preconceptions which surround Oxford interviews.
  • Teachers' Session. Talks for teachers interested in learning more about the Oxford application process, personal statement and reference writing and how best to support students. 
  • Parents and Carers' Talk. Talks for parents and carers who want to find out more about Oxford and how to support their child's application.

A full list of forthcoming events, with details of how to book your place, can be found here.

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Ignite was developed by the Careers Service at Oxford for use in classrooms. The web-based programme provides age-group-specific lesson-activities of varying lengths. This programme was developed with the aim of increasing confidence, self-awareness, and assertiveness in students.


Oxplore is ideal for students and staff as a way of poising, addressing, and discussing ‘big questions’ in a fresh way. This web-based programme generates at random questions that should prove fruitful for small-scale debates across the curriculum. Students can also access this themselves on the way into school. The college is able to provide a number of workshops.

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