Older alumni talking during a meeting of The Howard Society

The Howard Society

The Howard Society was set up in 1988 as a means of recognising and thanking those who have decided to make a provision to St Peter's in their Will. The Society was named after Revd Robert Wilmot Howard (1887-1960), third Master of the college (1945-1955).

Legacies have had a transformative impact in the history of the College. It is important to us at St Peter’s that we recognise in their lifetime those whose legacy gift will create opportunities for future generations to excel. Having just passed the 25th anniversary year we aim to swell the ranks of St Peter’s legators and welcome more members to the Howard Society.

The Society meets annually for lunch and an update from the Master on developments and news from the College. Members receive an annual report outlining the impact of legacy gifts and other related news. All members are, unless they prefer anonymity, listed as legators in the College Record and annual Donor Report. You can also find them listed here.

For further information about membership and activities of the Howard Society, please contact the Development Office. More information about legacy giving can be found here.

“No one ever gave himself more completely and selflessly to his College than did ‘Bob’ Howard to St Peter’s and to each and all of its members in his time.”

“It fell to him, ably backed by the pre-war members of Senior Common Room, to re-establish St Peter’s and rebuild its corporate life when it returned to its own buildings as he took over the Mastership.”

“Two years later, in 1947, a great step forward was taken when the Hall became a New Foundation, and from then on, free from the restrictions which surround a Permanent Private Hall, St Peter’s grew steadily in numbers and University prestige.”

“In all this Howard took a leading part, but great as were the things he did, he will be remembered, as he was loved, still more for what he was, a ‘character’ whose inexhaustible enthusiasm, generosity, and affection were personally felt by all who worked with him or under him.”

-Revd Canon Julian Thornton-Duesbery, second and fourth Master of St Peter’s.

Revd Robert Wilmot Howard