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Fees and Finance (Visiting Students)

The careful management of money during your time as a student is of great importance. The sections below provide key information about fees, funding and costs.

The college seeks to keep charges to students at a reasonable level, and meal charges in particular represent excellent value for money.

The fee rates for Visiting Students for the 2020/2021 academic year are as follows.

Please not that these fees apply to all students irrespective of domicile (i.e. all Home/EU and Overseas accepted candidates will be charged the fees listed below) and do not include accommodation.

Subject(s) Course Fees 2020/21
Archaeology and Anthropology
English Language and Literature
Modern Languages
Management Studies
Earth Sciences
Engineering Science
Biological Sciences


In 2018-19, the cost of a room for a Visiting Student is £6,123 for a 38-week lease.

A variably-priced menu is available for all meals except Formal Hall. The following prices are indicative for a two course meal in 2018-19, as the actual cost will vary with the particular food choices made:

  • Continental breakfast: £3.00
  • Lunch: £4.00
  • Dinner: £4.00
  • Three course formal hall: £7.75

Payment for meals is on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. Students should budget for between £1500 and £1800 for the year, depending on the number of meals taken in college.

Please note that extra costs will be incurred through purchase of books, personal expenditure and travel expenses. You should probably budget at least an extra £3,000 for spending in this way.

Information about estimated living costs in Oxford can be found on the University website.