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Fees and Finance (Undergraduate)

The careful management of money during your time as a student is of great importance. The sections below provide key information about fees, funding and costs.

The college seeks to keep charges to students at a reasonable level, and meal charges in particular represent excellent value for money.

For up-to-date information about course fees for Home/EU and Overseas students, please consult the Oxford University website.

UK undergraduates can apply for a Tuition fee loan via Student Finance (their local funding authority). Loans are made payable direct to the University. Further information is available via the University website or via https://www.gov.uk/student-finance

Oxford Bursaries are available to UK students from lower income households.

The college offers limited financial support in the form of grants, prizes and scholarships to its students.

The college has, thanks to the generous support of current and recent students, awarded a Reach Scholarship to an undergraduate student who started their studies in 2019. Further details about the Reach Scholarship can be found on the Oxford University website.

For undergraduate students living in college accommodation, rent is payable in advance at the beginning of the term. 

For 2021-22, the cost of a room for a first-year undergraduate is £172 per week, with rent payable for 27 weeks each year. The cost of rooms for third-year undergraduates varies from £164 per week to £198 per week, with some leases being for 27 weeks and some being for 38 weeks each year. 

Vacation residence (for nights not included within the lease length) is charged at the pro rata rate (so for first year undergraduates this is £24.57 per night in 2021-22).

A variably-priced menu is available for all meals except Formal Hall. You can expect meal costs to be in the following order:

  • Breakfast: £3.00
  • Lunch: £3.90
  • Dinner (informal): £4.02

Payment for meals is largely on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.

Pre-payments from 2021-22 onwards

From 2021-22, undergraduate Freshers are being charged a pre-pay sum of £316 for Michaelmas term (the Autumn term) and £288 for each subsequent term of their first year. This pre-payment is credited to their individual uPay account at the start of each term. The credited sum can then be spent down gradually in the Dining Hall across the course of the term on breakfasts, lunches and dinners. It can be spent on Informal and/or on Formal Halls and, if a student chooses, it can also be used to pay for guests they might like to bring into Hall with them. The slightly higher sum for Michaelmas term additionally covers a number of introductory meals laid on during Freshers’ Week. Student choice means that meals will cost different amounts but to give an approximate indication of what this cost represents: if a student spends c.£4 on a lunch or dinner, the pre-pay charge would represent 8 meals per week across the term. 

Students can spend down on the pre-pay credit at any rate that suits them, eating in Hall more in some weeks than others if that works best with their own programme, and spending more or spending less on individual meals in line with preferences. The pre-pay charge represents a minimum spend; students can eat in more than this across the course of the term if they wish. At or before the point at which their pre-paid credit expires, students will need to top up their uPay credit and then they will then simply continue be charged for meals in Hall on a pay-as-you-go basis. At the end of each term, any unspent sums from the original pre-payment amount (not any top-up amounts) will be removed from uPay balances. Students are therefore encouraged to use up their pre-pay credit during each term. 

From 2022-23, a minimum termly spend will also apply to Y2+ undergraduate students. The level of pre-pay will vary according to where undergraduate students are living.  Those living on the main College site will be subject to a prepay charge of £288 per term; those living in College annexes, to a prepay charge of £108 per term; those living out of College, to a prepay charge of £36 per term. 

College Catering can make provision for many different dietary requirements. However, an exemption from the pre-pay scheme can be given for those whose dietary requirements cannot be met by College Catering. 

Information about estimated living costs can be found on the Oxford University website.